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America, use your words.

Femicide has been in the news lately. This week a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan by a mob of angry men for allegedly burning a Quran. After she was killed, her body was thrown off the roof, … Continue reading

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Young women in the workplace: A timeless story of power.

“Project your personal power” is a phrase I heard often while working towards my Master’s degree last year.  It was usually in the form of well-intentioned advice from a mentor or a colleague.  While well-intentioned, it was also somehow deprecating, prophesy-fulfilling advice.  It … Continue reading

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My Work Here is Done

March is here: my 27th and final month as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  I have one more week in site, and nineteen short days left in Nicaragua.  I’m not crying because I’m in denial.  So it goes. During the month … Continue reading

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The Time I Nearly Vandalized My Neighborhood

It was a beautiful day: a cool breeze tickled playfully at the back of my neck, alleviating me of the beads of sweat that had accumulated during the day; children played on the side of the street, filling the air with innocent … Continue reading

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