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America, use your words.

Femicide has been in the news lately. This week a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan by a mob of angry men for allegedly burning a Quran. After she was killed, her body was thrown off the roof, … Continue reading

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Young women in the workplace: A timeless story of power.

“Project your personal power” is a phrase I heard often while working towards my Master’s degree last year.  It was usually in the form of well-intentioned advice from a mentor or a colleague.  While well-intentioned, it was also somehow deprecating, prophesy-fulfilling advice.  It … Continue reading

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Of Late, with Photos

PEPFAR Conference: 24-26 October 2012 Between August and October of this year, second year health volunteers organized several conferences on HIVaids throughout the country.  In the north, we focused our conference on the vast migrant worker population, due to the … Continue reading

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The Time I Nearly Vandalized My Neighborhood

It was a beautiful day: a cool breeze tickled playfully at the back of my neck, alleviating me of the beads of sweat that had accumulated during the day; children played on the side of the street, filling the air with innocent … Continue reading

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Piropos: Where They Come From and Why, Despite Knowing This, They Still Make My Skin Crawl

A piropo is a catcall. When most Americans think of catcalls, they picture the stereotypical construction worker whistling and explaining to passing women what they’d like to do to them.  This doesn’t always happen and isn’t the norm.  I spent … Continue reading

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