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Namaste Nepal

Namaste is my first Nepali word.  I first heard it when we arrived at the small airport in Kathmandu and a woman in front of us greeted the immigration officer by putting her two palms together as if in prayer and saying … Continue reading

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One Year Later

On March 27, 2013, an emotionally upheaved chela boarded a plane in Managua and, after a short confrontation in the Miami security line when an insensitive man said something like, “We’re in America and these people don’t speak English,” landed in Boston. Upon seeing her … Continue reading

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It’s only the beginning, after all.

I thought it was over.  I bought a cake. I said my goodbyes.  I left.  I thought it was over, which is why I mourned so heavily over leaving. But what I didn’t take into account was how fundamentally I had … Continue reading

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Sometimes she gets away from me.

When walking Maní in Nicaragua, she’d sometimes get away from me.  She’d get into a neighbor’s yard and run around, play with their dog, bark at their cat, stare at their horses, or chase their chickens.  The whole family would … Continue reading

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