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America, use your words.

Femicide has been in the news lately. This week a 27-year-old woman named Farkhunda was killed in Kabul, Afghanistan by a mob of angry men for allegedly burning a Quran. After she was killed, her body was thrown off the roof, … Continue reading

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One Year Later

On March 27, 2013, an emotionally upheaved chela boarded a plane in Managua and, after a short confrontation in the Miami security line when an insensitive man said something like, “We’re in America and these people don’t speak English,” landed in Boston. Upon seeing her … Continue reading

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I’m Back

I’m back in Nicaragua! I’m working with the lovely Lindsey Leslie who served with me in the Peace Corps and now lives with me in Baltimore, as well as my friend William Garcia who is from La Dalia and taught … Continue reading

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“Grandma Dot”

My Grandma Dot passed away this weekend.  She was such a prominent figure in my life that even though we knew she didn’t have much time left, I’m finding it difficult to write it down because writing makes her death … Continue reading

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It’s only the beginning, after all.

I thought it was over.  I bought a cake. I said my goodbyes.  I left.  I thought it was over, which is why I mourned so heavily over leaving. But what I didn’t take into account was how fundamentally I had … Continue reading

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Sometimes she gets away from me.

When walking Maní in Nicaragua, she’d sometimes get away from me.  She’d get into a neighbor’s yard and run around, play with their dog, bark at their cat, stare at their horses, or chase their chickens.  The whole family would … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Explosions

Two bombs detonated at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  The current count is two dead and over one hundred injured, though I expect those numbers to rise as the night progresses. One of those killed was an eight-year-old … Continue reading

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Originally posted on huseem:
When I talk with my PC friends after they come back from a trip to the States, we always have the same conversations. “Wow, wasn’t hot water great??” or “I love being able to drive myself…

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