About Under My Skin


The name Under My Skin is in reference to Gioconda Belli’s memoir of her role in the Sandanista Revolution in Nicaragua, El País Bajo Mi Piel / The Country Under My Skin. Looking beyond the immediate setting of war, The Country Under My Skin is about her love affair with her country, a land shaken by civil war and natural disasters, but also blessed with blindingly beautiful scenery–of rolling green mountains covered in coffee, of lakes and of volcanoes–and inhabited by people of grace, humility, and passion.

The anecdotes you’ll find in this blog are inevitably colored by my experience in Nicaragua, where I lived and worked for two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  My stories will touch upon issues that have found their way under my own skin, such as culture, gender, and public health, and how they all interplay in daily life.


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