But how do you really feel: A self(ie) portrait through haikus

Stye in eye.

Stye. in. eye.

Arrived to Springtime after grueling car ride.

Arriving to Springtime changes one’s outlook on life.

Local government
came and ate all our lunches.
Subtle corruption.

Woke up dark and cold
and there it was: stye. in. eye.
Bodes well for the day.

I slept to survive
the twisting and lurching road.
Thanks, melatonin.

At a rest stop, I
played with a pup in a truck.
Please don’t tell Maní.

Down the hill it’s spring.
Back at home there are blizzards.
Dangerous thinking.

The Himalayas
are encroaching on our plane.
Too close for comfort.

The Himalayas make me slightly uncomfortable.

Hey gurl heyyy!

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