One Year Later

On March 27, 2013, an emotionally upheaved chela boarded a plane in Managua and, after a short confrontation in the Miami security line when an insensitive man said something like, “We’re in America and these people don’t speak English,” landed in Boston.

Upon seeing her family she burst out crying.  And then she reunited happily with her dog, and then with her mother.  In that order.

The chela in question is 4th from the left in the photo below, taken right after ringing the bell, signifying the end of our Peace Corps service.


Hanna, Lenka, Alyssa, me, Kourtni

A whole year has passed, and I want to pass on my congratulations to all those from Nica58 (Nica 50-great!), who finished their service this week.

Nica58ers (photo credit: Hannah Grow)

Nica 58ers (photo credit: Carli Dean)

Things that have changed since coming home last year:

  • I’m nearly a Master (of public health)
  • I lost my grandmother and my great aunt
  • The Mid-Atlantic got Northeast-level cold
  • Maní went on a diet
The diet started after she began snoring at night. Sleep apnea is real.

The diet started after she began snoring at night. Sleep apnea is real.

Things that have stayed the same since coming home last year:

  • I still wake up with the sun and go to sleep by dark
  • Beans are a staple item for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • I still can’t dance
  • And I still do the infamous Nica nose scrunch. People here just don’t get it when I look at them like this:

See ‘Say What? Nica Gestures’ blog post:

So, there you go. Lots has changed; lots has stayed the same. Miguel (our Acting Country Director) promised that after a year I’d stop being so god-damn weird in social situations. But, alas, I think that some things are just a part of who I am. Congrats to Nica 58, and I can’t wait to see you weirdos on the other side!

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1 Response to One Year Later

  1. Amy Hudson says:

    you may have been a weirdo before Nica…



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