Hacking away for fair farm prices

Peace Corps posts about a texting project in Kenya, but the photo highlighting the story is from our very own ChatSalud project in Nicaragua!

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Back in April I received an email requesting creative, humanitarian ideas to improve the everyday lives of Kenyans through technology. Well the Kenyans I hang with on a day-to-day basis are farmers. Not John Deer-ridin’, irrigation-pipe-slingin’ farmers, but plough-pushin’, hand-pickin’ folk. I watch these guys and gals work all year long on their seasonal cash crops of mangoes and oranges, which they then turn around and sell at dirt-cheap prices.

During the harvest season farmers typically get less than 5 cents a mango, which doesn’t necessarily reflect the fair-market value of the crops they work so hard to cultivate. The amount they get for the less exportable orange may be even less. Figuring out how farmers could get the crops’ fair-market value is where “my” idea comes in…

Back in December another PCV told me about a cell phone service that would respond to texted queries about fair market produce…

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2 Responses to Hacking away for fair farm prices

  1. Tessa says:

    I forget how it was brought up, but a little while ago we were talking about this photo, and how it makes it seem like I was in Kenya. Miguel chimes in with, “yeah, I don’t recall you ever reporting out of site for that…”


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