You Know You’ve Lost it When…

You know you’ve lost it when you attempt to bathe a street dog.

This street dog (the white one):


I’ve named him Casper.

The quick story:

Maní is gone. She’s living with my parents in the States while I finish up the last two months of my service (stay tuned for her immigration tale.)

Casper is one of her best dog buddies in town.  Since he is without a home, and I am without a four-legged companion, my side project this week has been to bond with him.  I’ve been giving him Maní’s leftover food and he’s even been sleeping inside the house on a make-shift bed by the front door.  Things were looking up for our friendship.

But alas, today I crossed a line.  Today I tried to give the guy a bath. And he ran off half-shampooed.

At least I have one reason to be thankful for all this rain we’ve been getting: it seems to have done the rinsing for me.

And now I will attempt to use a hash tag, just like all the kids do these days: #thisiswhattwoyearsinasmalltownwilldotoyou.

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