My friend Hanna and fellow PCV posted an excellent blog entry about her two selves: her Nicaraguan self and her American self. I tend to agree with what she has written, which is why I’m posting it here. Enjoy!


When I talk with my PC friends after they come back from a trip to the States, we always have the same conversations. “Wow, wasn’t hot water great??” or “I love being able to drive myself around town and not be on a bus, sitting next to a woman with a bag with a chicken inside”. We go on about our reverse culture shock that hits us soon after we step onto US soil, for example “isn’t weird that there is water to flush the toilet and to wash your hands 24/7?” But when we get talking more in depth about our trips home, it turns into a conversation that focuses on not just the materialist things we enjoy while visiting the US. The conversation always morphs into discussing how much our lives have changed throughout our service and how we didn’t even realize the American life that we have…

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