Ineloquent Snippits

  • Since only 3 women showed up to my last women’s groups meeting, we decided to repeat the charla on self-esteem this week.  But this time, two of the women gave the charla instead of me.  It went super well.  Nine women showed up. Everyone participated.  They want the group to meet weekly rather than monthly. And I got the two women that gave the charla to agree to come on my radio show this week to talk about self-esteem.
  • On the way back from the group, I ran into a tricky situation.  A couple was fighting on the street.  The guy was so drunk he could barely walk, and the woman would alternate between hitting him with a cloth and running away as he picked up stones and threw them at her.   All the neighbors were watching. There’s only so much a PCV can do in these situations, but without going into details, I did what I could.  And then I got a coconut smoothie.
  • Heidi, the daughter of Damaris who runs the kiosk that I eat at several times a week, told me that she’s the best in her class at English this year because of Sam’s English class last year.  That’s my sitemate!
  • I’m moving again! It’s a big, beautiful house right near Sam, my host sister and her kids, the hospital, and some other friends of mine.  It’s spacious and tiled, with an indoor bathroom and a real kitchen sink (!!). I met with the landlord, and despite having nightmares that it was all going to fall through, he turned out to be an upstanding citizen and it all worked out–I’m still in disbelief.
  • In the last month, Mongo came to visit and Nishant’s family came to visit. Everyone that knows Mongo, please tell her that you are anxiously awaiting her guest blog entry.
  • Nadine and Becca are coming to visit in October.
  • And lastly, I’ve officially started applying to graduate schools.  I’m looking to begin working towards a master in public health in fall 2013.  Hard to believe that Peace Corps is winding down.
  • …7 months left…
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