Fever and Hooligans with Slingshots

I got sick again.  Thankfully, this time it wasn’t dengue.  Just some godforsaken mutant throat infection.  I came down with the fever while I was in Matagalpa on Peace Corps business, so I was able to get blood tests done right away.  I also bought a handy-dandy digital thermometer so I can actually keep track of my illnesses down here.  By the way, to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply by 9, divide by 5, and add 32.  I’m learning all sorts of useful things by way of illness.

On Thursday I had to travel back to site, so when I felt my fever go down from the Tylenol, I hopped on the bus for the 1.5 hr journey back home.  Somehow in that small window of time, my fever climbed up to 103 F.  So I was on the bus, hot and uncomfortable, shifting around in my seat, trying to get air onto my face from the window, but mostly, I was trying to keep down that chocolate cake that I had eaten earlier that morning.  Don’t judge me.  It was delicious.

So I finally arrive to town and alert neighbors on my way home that I am gravely ill.  You know, just in case. They look at me and say the usual, “que le vaya bien” as I walk by.  Yes, I sure hope so. But I’m not guaranteeing anything, I thought.

To make a long story short, I had a terrible night.  My fever approach 104.  I called the Peace Corps doctors who all assured me that “don’t worry, convulsions only happen to small children with a fever that high.  You’ll be fine.” I had to take a bath to get the fever down.  I alternated Tylenol and Ibuprofen even though Peace Corps strongly discourages the use of Ibuprofen.  I’m a rebel.

So as I was lying in my sweaty mess of a bed, a freaking water balloon sails in through my window and kersplats all over me and my bed.  God dammit, chavalos.  Sometimes I just want to ahdjhkjfjsdf you.

Well, dear readers, today I had a small victory.  Today, when I exited my house, I saw a kid hanging out on the corner of it with a slingshot.  I glared my eyes at him, straightened my back, and walked up to that little hooligan.  I called him out on what he did.  And I did it in front of his friends, who laughed at him.

Chavolos: 1; Lauren: 10.

Nailed it.

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