An Observation on Asserting One’s Authority

An observation on asserting one’s authority: sometimes you have to put your foot down; other times, you need to lift your leg up.

Scene: Daniel’s house, Managua
When: Day before mid-service training

Truxton, Daniel’s gentle giant of a dog, peed on the grass outside of Daniel’s house.  Maní proceeded to pee on the same spot. Then Truxton, witnessing this atrocity, stood up, walked over, looked directly at Maní, lifted up his gigantic, muscular leg, and let it flow once more, definitively asserting his authority over the intrusive pup. Truxton: 1; Maní: 0.

I think we could all learn a little something from Truxton’s valiant declaration of power.

On another note, Maní and I finally reunited last Saturday after my 3-week vacation in the States.  It was glorious.  We made so much noise during our reunion–Maní, desperately yelping to get closer to me while she was still chained up, and me, uncontrollably declaring my love for her–that the kids playing soccer outside of the house interrupted their game to watch the crazy white girl love on her pup.  Here’s us back in my house, away from the chaos:

And here’s one of Truxton and Maní:

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