The Day I Almost Killed My Puppy

We were late for the bus.  Maní feels the need to stop and eat each and every ambiguous, inedible item that we pass on the street.  Over the last month and a half that I’ve had her, I’ve caught her eating everything from an old watermelon shell, to a shard of glass, to straight up horse shit.  It’s disconcerting, but we’re working on it.

On this particular morning, I had promised to meet Kourtni in Matagalpa around 9am.  So there we were, heading towards the bus, when we heard barking behind a large, metal gate.  Maní was busy eating garbage and I was busy tugging her along so we wouldn’t miss the bus, so I didn’t notice immediately when those two minuscule beasts escaped from behind their metal fence.

They lunged at Maní.

I had envisioned this predicament several times in my most vivid nightmares, yet found myself completely unprepared when the actual attack took place.

I’m not sure why, but my first instinct was to use the leash to lift Maní up into the air, away from the ravenous purebreds. Next thing I knew, Maní was dangling helplessly by the neck in the air over two ferocious shih tzus barking underneath her.

Bait on a string.

Maní and I made eye contact for a brief second and I knew that she was thinking exactly what I was thinking: Lauren, what have you done?!

Not only had my maneuver made her a snack on a string for those horrors, but I had nearly hung her in the process.

Using the leash, I slowly reeled her in, inch by inch, until she was back in my arms.  Then I stomped the ground like a true Nica until the two shih tzus backed off.

I’m the alpha dog.

I stopped by my favorite kiosko and conseguired some napkins to clean the mud off my face as I relayed the almost-tragedy to Damaris, the kiosko lady.

We ended up missing the bus, but at least we both lived to tell the tale. And yes, I will re-think my evasive tactics for the future.

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