Thanksgiving in Nicaragua

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  So when I Skyped with my family on Thanksgiving day, and they placed the computer at the head of table so that the food was within my visual range, yet I couldn’t touch it, and this year’s Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale was right in front of the camera lens, yet I couldn’t drink it, and my family was right there, yet so far away, I felt little pangs of sadness.

I’m not crying….it’s just raining on my face.

But luckily I’ve stumbled upon some wonderful people here in Nicaragua, who have managed to make Thanksgiving the family-filled, food coma-inducing holiday that I love.

We had turkey and everything.

While Kourtni (our lovely host) and Kate worked on the turkey, stuffing, and banana pudding, everyone else brought a little something-something to the table.  In addition to his boyish good-looks and delicate way with words, Gabe brought chocolate cake. I made soy sauce-ginger-carrots. Kourtni’s new sitemate brought mashed potatoes. Sarah and Ricky brought the Flor de Caña. And Hanna brought a home-concocted McFlurry-like creation.

It was food-coma city.

I forgot to mention that the bridge that connects Kourtni’s site to the rest of Nicaragua washed out with the rains, so we had to ford a river in an old chicken bus twice.  We only lost two oxen.  See video:


Despite the bumpy ride, it was a great Thanksgiving.  I’m thankful to be here in Nicaragua, doing what I’m doing, living where I’m living, working in the field in which I’m working, and knowing the people that I know.

I wouldn’t change a thing.  Unless you could find a way to send me this year’s Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale. Then I would change that.


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  1. ariel your seeeester says:

    “It’s OK, I’m a lifeguard”


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