I was sort of a waste of space this week.  I mean, it happens.  I got sick during the two days I was going to leave for communities: Wednesday I was going to go to a health fair, and Thursday I was going to go to a Brigadista meeting.  But being home most of the week did have its advantages.  For one thing, I got to spend lots of time in the hammock that Sam just hung up for me, and the other, more pertinent advantage, was that I got to spend more time with the kids in my neighborhood.

It’s been starting gradually since I moved in.  The crowds of kids outside my window, staring as I make dinner, as I sip on my coffee, as I sweep. When I walk down the street there are tons of kids flying homemade kites (all you need are a couple twigs and a plastic bag!), playing soccer, and hopscotch. While playing soccer, kids half my size generally trump me with their complicated moves, although I did manage to score three goals one time.  Take that!

Well, last night, while working on material for this week’s radio show, I look up from my bed, and this is what I see:

Several little heads peeping through my window.  I took out my camera and that’s where the fun really began.  Here are the usual suspects:

She lives a couple houses down and her mom, Lucia, is the Brigadista for our neighborhood:

Anna, my next-door neighbor:

Belen, who lives down the street:

We had so much fun with the camera, that it soon turned into a full-fledged dance party:

Followed by La Dalia’s Next Top Model competition.  This is Belen competing. Tyra would be proud:

And lastly, the boys got in on the fun while dancing on my pila. Please note the boy that shoves the little girl off of the pila on the far left:

And in case you were wondering, this is reason #487 why I love where I live.

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One Response to Children

  1. Mom says:

    Lauren, this is a great entry. Each child is beautiful…the pix of them looking into your house is priceless. You were meant to be sick this week, but glad you are feeling better! Love, Mom


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