Tour de House

As it is officially October, I have officially moved in my house.  It’s been a long time coming. First impressions: my neighbors are wonderful, my walls are beautiful, and I finally have the space to display all the pictures I brought. Enjoy the tour!

The left is the kitchen area; the right is the living room area:

When you come visit you get to mark all the places you’ve visited on my world map with brightly colored sharpies: (Thanks, Mom!)

View of and from my kitchen. This is where the magic happens:

One of these things is not like the other… (thanks Ari!)

Imagine this big lovely bed with a big lovely pink COMFORTER, courtesy of the neighborhood Avon lady. Sidenote: the Avon ladies are very persuasive, but it was worth the splurge. I also bought perfume called Secret Fantasy. In addition, I finally put up my mezzuzah. (Thanks Naa!)

Reason #285 why my neighbors are awesome: Maria makes tortillas and the occasional güirila nextdoor. During this particular day, my neighbors gifted me a grand total of 4 güirilas. This is a güirila. It’s made of sweet corn:

My living room with pictures of Fenway Park in Boston, the Jet D’eau in Geneva, a park in Barcelona, Testudo with my Peace Corps pen as good luck at UMD, my sisters and I at a beach in Valencia, and Dollar and I in front of the Colosseum in Rome, among others.

And finally, I present to you the Wall of Fame! If you made the cut it means I miss you and love you and my neighbors ask about you very much. If you’re not on here, it doesn’t mean I don’t love and miss you; it means that I don’t have your photo. So in conclusion, SEND ME YOUR PICTURES AND I’LL PUT YOU UP! My address is located in the contact section above. Sidenote: I have a whole new row added, including a picture of my roommates, a snowman, and I during Snowpocolypse. I like that one. Good talk.

Now that I’ve proven that I have a delightfully liveable house, I expect you to all come visit. I even bought a toilet seat for the latrine. Ballin’.

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1 Response to Tour de House

  1. ariel your seeeester says:

    hahahaha is that a picture of me with you and Nadine at Thanksgiving last year?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that! (send it to me please!)

    I love it all – your house looks fantastic! I particularly love the stash. It’s like totally the best present ever. The person who gave it to you must be pretty fantastic at life.

    I love you, I miss you, you rock.


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