Casa, Sweet Casa

This is a story about a house.  This house, in fact:

It is pink and beautiful and has the components to make an outstanding fruit salad growing right there in its very own backyard: mango, papaya, banana, avocado, and cilantro– for the more adventurous fruit-salad enthusiasts.

One day, Lauren decided she must have this house.  But as happens in all stories worth telling, Lauren encountered a problem.  Apparently the new 6-month-living-with-a-host-family rule is extremely strict and Lauren was not granted an exception to move into the new, beautiful, pink house.  Meanwhile, another person that happened to love pink houses craftily gave first month’s rent to the landlord while Lauren was waiting for the verdict from Peace Corps.  Meanwhile meanwhile, Lauren had some bowel issues to take care of in Matagalpa and could not supervise the house situation as much as she would have liked. Needless to say, it proved to be a stressful 48 hours for Lauren.  But luckily for our heroine, she managed to secure the house for an October move-in date, and so begins our story of how Lauren (and friends) painted her new house.

Side note: You know you’re in Nicaragua when you slip on a puddle made by a leaking pila, land in said puddle, slice your knee in the process, and despite being covered in mud, bleeding slightly, and wearing a Kiss Me I’m Irish shirt with inside-out boxer shorts (for paint-protection!) you still get propositioned by men on the street. Excellent start to painting-the-new-house day. See below:

(I am pointing to my bleeding knee.)

Onward with the story.  See video:

And here is the 80’s montage of us working:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, it was a successful work week. We completed the kitchen area (spunky pinkish-red), hang out area (tranquil turquoise), the exercise room (energizing green), and had some fun times in between (ice cream! beer! fire!) Lastly, I will tackle my soon-to-be bedroom (happy yellow) with the help of….wait for it…..wait for it….MY FAMILY! Yep, it’s true: my parents, sisters, and grandmother have made the trek from Massachusetts to Nicaragua for the (almost) sole purpose of helping me complete the final room. Best family ever.

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  1. DOT is flying to Nicaragua! What! Enjoy!


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