Radio Malfunction

Here’s how it went down: I gave a charla over the radio to the municipality on the permanent methods of contraception (male and female operations) and felt accomplished for the day. Then my host mom comes up to me: Apagó la radio.  What?  Sí, durante su charla. Seriously?? , en serio. Wonderful.  She related to me that the radio was functioning for the entire half hour of the health programming, with the exception of my 5-minute health talk.

My heart sunk.  This conversation, of course, led me to wonder if there was a conspiracy against the language-challenged chela trying to speak on the radio.

Flash-forward two days:

Event: Health fair.
Location: Rural community.

A woman comes up to me and says that she heard me on the radio talking about the surgery and she would like to ask me a few questions about it for her friend.


Lesson learned: Sometimes there’s no conspiracy; sometimes it’s just a broken radio.

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One Response to Radio Malfunction

  1. betty says:

    OMG … You are soooo funny! You must be getting excited about your upcoming family visit!


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