I am participating in a collaborative project called Snapshots of Service.  It is essentially a traveling journal.  There are 50 volunteers from 50 countries that are participating in the project (to celebrate 50 years of Peace Corps!), and over the course of 2 years, we are all going to receive the journal twice and record a little something-something.

Here it is, the Moleskine journal, all the way from Ecuador (Thanks, Strix).

Me with the finished product:

For my entry, I wrote a sestina, which appealed to me because dammit, I miss English (even though it’s clearly written in Spanglish), and here was a great opportunity to play with some words.  I also went a little overboard with my colored pencils.  Here’s my entry:

Next stop: Kelly C. in Guyana, South America!

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2 Responses to Snapshots

  1. ariel your seeeester says:

    I wanna read it!!


  2. The Strix says:

    I’m just glad it go there in one piece. Good to see you put it to good use! ^__^


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