Mother Lovers

The Maternal and Child Health volunteers have been affectionately dubbed the Mother Lovers by the other health group, Sexy Styles (I mean, Healthy Lifestyles).  This past weekend, the Mother Lovers joined in with the millions of other mother lovers across Nicaragua to celebrate el Día de Las Madres on 31 de Mayo.  Mother´s Day here is a big deal because, well, let´s face it: everyone has a little mother-lover in them.

MINSA´s (Ministry of Health) celebration of Mother´s Day began well before May 31.  Throughout the month of May we have been promoting Maternal Health across the municipality.  In speaking with my fellow Mother Lovers, I know the same MINSA mother-loving activities were being carried out throughout Nicaragua, and we felt a solidarity in the extra health fairs we put on every weekend.

On the Wednesday before the big Mother´s Day weekend, my counterpart, Agustin, as well as another co-worker, Jose Angel, went to the Casa Materna–the Mecca for Mother Lovers–and together we streamered, we bannered, we balooned, and we pinned the tail on the donkey so hard that by the time we were done, the Casa Materna looked superb.  In the afternoon, we played games, ate cake, and chatted with the ladies.  Here are some pics:

Here´re some of the embarazadas sitting outside. See that sign in the back?! I did it!

This mom-to-be won a prize that had shoes, socks, bibs, clothes, and regretfully, a baby bottle. but it was like watching a baby shower as she opened all the gifts. She was so happy.  She had her baby the next day.

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