This is Ellean. He is my host-nephew and just turned two last Wednesday. Like all good mothers should, my host-sister Marjorie breastfed Ellean for his first two years. Why is this relevant? Because Ellean constantly tries to take off my shirt and breastfeed with me. This is how it generally goes down: Ellean and I are playing and he is being his usual awesome self. Then, out of nowhere, he goes for the boobs. I struggle while holding onto my blouse, and scream any variation of the following: “Ellean, así no!”, “No tengo leche!” o “Estoy seca!” (“Ellean, this no!”, “I don’t have milk!” or “I am dryyyyy!” My family proceeds to point and laugh for a while, eventually sending in help.

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One Response to Ellean

  1. DaveyO says:

    Haha, he’s awesome. This made me giggle.


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