Semana Santa, in Haikus

That fresh coffee smell
of beans roasting on fire–
You should visit me.

Night 1: headlamp broke.
There’s no light at the Finca.
Long walks to latrine.

Bathed in the river
and large Nica men watched from rocks–

“Are you Catholic?”
“Jewish” I say.  “Oh, you mean

The Jeep was broken–
Can beer replace clutch fluid?
T’was a bumpy ride.

Stoophangin’ at night
and serenaded by drunks.
Mom, Dad, I’m in love.

Semana Santa
was lovely, but don’t worry–
I still like you guys.

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One Response to Semana Santa, in Haikus

  1. Ariel says:

    Jews use the old book.
    You use the old AND new book.
    Still don’t understand.


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