A Trip to US Soil

Today Nica-55 had the privilege of spending the day at the US Embassy in Managua.  We heard talks from USAID, the Regional Security Officer, and the US Ambassador to Nicaragua himself, Robert Callahan.

The most interesting part of the day was listening to the Ambassador talk frankly about Ortega, Nicaraguan politics, his thoughts on the future of Nicaragua, in addition to his career and how he got involved in the foreign service.  It was a relief hearing the Ambassador talk today because the political climate in Nicaragua is tense and incredibly interesting, but Peace Corps Volunteers must be apolitical, so talking politics with Nicaraguans can be delicate.  For this reason, it was great to hear what the Ambassador had to say in such a candid manner, but I can’t go into detail of his talk here. If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail.

He was real funny though.  One example.  He was talking about playing softball every week in different Nicaraguan towns as part of the embassy league, and he sighed as he described the Nicaraguan heat as “just beastly.”  And I agree.  It’s been real hot here.

Perhaps more importantly,  however, is my swear-in ceremony tomorrow.  This means that after tomorrow, I will no longer be a trainee, but a full-fledged PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEER!


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