Feliz Cumpleaños a Emily!

Yesterday was my training mate´s birthday.  To celebrate, Ashley and I surprised Emily with a series of regalos throughout the day.  Para empezar, we accidentally drew HAPPY BIRTHDAY EM! on the dry-erase board with permanent marker.  But it was so worth it, because well, just look at that face!  She was so excited.  Plus we had the piñata, which was an incredibly good-looking donkey.  Later in the day, Doña Petrona made leche con banano for a little mid-morning snack and we gave Emily CHIP´S AHOY!  Right before lunch, we brought out the next surprise: DORITOS!  And after lunch, OREOS!

But the best part of the day was celebrating her birthday Nica style at her host family´s home.  Here is Emily trying to pin the nose on the clown:

We also played musical chairs.  Emily´s family insisted that we dance around las sillas, which made it very fun, but I was relieved when I was the first one out!

Finally, we settled down for dinner, courtesy of Emily´s family.  We ate enchiladas (enchiladas) con ensalada de repollo (cabbage salad) y gaseosa (soda).

It was truly an outstanding day and I´m so glad we were able to celebrate Emily´s birthday in such a Nicaraguan fashion.  Here´s to a great year!  Happy 23rd, Em!

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