Finalmente, Bienvenido a Nicaragua

It took 4 separate flights to get all 44 Nica55-ers out of DC and into Nicaragua.  There were about 12 trainees in my travel group, and we managed to navigate a 1:30am hotel checkout time, 7am flight to Atlanta, and a 9am flight to Managua, all thanks to our fearless leader, Kari.  As soon as we arrived in Nicaragua and made it through customs, a few current volunteers greeted us with signs and cheers and O-M-G (puchica!) we were so excited to have made it.

We’ve been living in a hotel right across from the airport in Managua for the past three days, and it’s equipped with two pools, internet, running water, and other amenities that make it seem like we’re not quite in Nica yet.  We’ve had a number of intro training sessions, but the most exciting news came today: I will be living in a town in the department of Carazo for the next three months with two amazing trainees, Emily and Ashley. One of the volunteers that have been assisting with our Pre-Service Training (PST) lived in my town during her training, so she gave us the low down on our site.  It’s the smallest site in Carazo, so we may not have internet while there.  BUT, apparently there’s an excellent paneria and my porch has a beautiful view of a volcano. Photos to come.  As soon as we get there tomorrow morning, we start our 6-hour/ day Spanish lessons.  I’ll also be moving in with my host mother and I cannot wait to meet her.

This is where Carazo is located, and my town is close to the East border:

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2 Responses to Finalmente, Bienvenido a Nicaragua

  1. Mom says:

    nice to be close to the coast!


  2. Barbara Fandel says:

    Sounds like you survived some crazy traveling! I hope you’re having a great time beginning your adventure!


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