Two major roadblocks stand between me and Peace Corps-dom:  medical and family.  I’ve made some progress on both fronts this past week. 🙂

Let’s start with medical.

Friday morning I awoke to a toolkit update.  They’re reviewing my medical file!!  Totally unexpected, as I’m not leaving until the winter, but super exciting:

After reading so many PC blogs, I’ve had a running bet with myself as to whether or not I could get through medical with one try.  With bated breath, I opened the letter I received from OMS on Saturday afternoon:

Dear Lauren:

Thank you for submitting your medical information.  During the review of your medical kit, we find the submitted information to be incomplete. [BLAST!]

We hope to hear from you soon.


PC Medical Person

It turns out I missed two minor things that I can hopefully take care of this week.  No big deal.


My family knew I applied and I talked about it a lot, but apparently I failed to tell them that I am definitely planning on joining.  I knew they weren’t too thrilled about it, so I continued to apply to real-person jobs like a good college graduate, which explains their confusion about my priorities.

The scene: Mom and I eating dinner at a local bar.

Mom: Lauren, are you joining the Peace Corps?

Lauren: Yes, Mom.

And it was done.

The next day, Mom had a gathering with the other school nurses at our house.  They asked the inevitable question that every post-grad dreads: What are your plans for this year? In the past, I’ve fumbled around that question with an I don’t know, or an I’m looking, or possibly, maybe the Peace Corps.  But before I could answer, Mom said the magic and definitive words: she’s joining the Peace Corps.

And that’s that.  If Mom’s not down with it, she’s at least supporting the idea of it. Hopefully Dad and the rest of the family will come around too.  That simple conversation relieved so much pressure and guilt–about looking for jobs half-heartedly, making this decision on my own, and leaving my family without their total support.  Now I can get on with the process.


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