Qué Será Será

Well, I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon.  I promised myself to hold out until the summer.  At least until I get medical clearance.  But here I am, blogging about the Peace Corps before I really know anything about my assignment.  Here’s my deal:

I’m graduating in a couple weeks from the University of Maryland in College Park with a degree in Community Health.  I am nominated to serve in Central/ South America, leaving January 2011, doing a health degreed program.  I am so excited.

My parents, on the other hand, are a little less charmed by the idea of me running around in a foreign country for two years, especially in a foreign country where I barely speak the language.  There’s a little more to it than this, but I’ll keep it at that for now.

The uncertainty of how my Peace Corps experience will work out reminds me of  the song, “Qué Será Será.”  My Great Grandmother always used to sing the song to my sisters and I when we were little.  For that reason, I found it a fitting blog title. There is no way to predict the future, and little reason to stress over it now.  What will be, will be.

But, all the same, I’m hoping it will be the Peace Corps and one set of very proud parents.

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4 Responses to Qué Será Será

  1. daytripper7 says:

    I am applying for the Peace Corps as well and my parents feel the same way! It’s hard for them to understand: sometimes I feel like there’s a generation gap. But when it comes down to it, I’m sure they just want the best for their daughter.


  2. A Mom says:

    My daughter is leaving in June for Peru; Youth Development. We as parents are so excited and thrilled for her new adventure and know she will make a positive impact and the experience will make a huge impression on the direction her life will go. On the other hand, we of course are concerned about her well being and safety. Give them time; know that they love you and support you:) Congratulations!


    • Lauren says:

      thank you for your kind words. they’re starting to be more open about talking about it, and my mom even agreed to go to an info session with me in august. best of luck to your daughter!


  3. ajbrowne says:

    Hi Lauren! Thanks for your comment. Good luck with the post-nomination process. It can definitely try your patience, but it will feel so good when you have that invitation packet in your hands 🙂


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